research is at the heart of our work

We like to call it ‘Discovery’ – a term used by one of our practitioners in our action research cohort! We are all on a journey of discovery together and have much to learn from one another. The Family Music Hub seeks to:

– Connect existing research to practice

– Undertake new research with practitioners and families ‘on the ground’, helping to shape the direction of the hub.

2022 action research

With thanks to funding from the National Charity, Youth Music, we are excited to be collaborating and learning together with a group of practitioners from Birmingham Community Libraries and Birmingham Forward Steps. It involves these practitioners becoming action researchers in the settings in which they work. Together we are: a) exploring and trialing new approaches to making music with families that puts them at the heart, and b) discovering what support, training and resources are needed to support their practice.

Our research backgrounds

Rosie, Nicola and Katie have each conducted pieces of research, R&D and written papers that have influenced the development and direction of The Family Music Hub. Have a read below.

Family music landscape

Read Rosie’s report which looked at the experiences, challenges and needs of the workforce leading music sessions in settings where families gather.

Musical Parenting

Katie’s fascinating MA research paper looks at musical parenting and explores the idea of classes focussed on musical parenting for parents with young babies.


Nicola was involved in this piece of action research which explores context-blindness, musical diversity and inclusion in early childhood settings.