Training Initiatives

 At The Family Music Hub we create training initiatives to suit the needs of our participants – those that work with and support families.

 All training builds upon participants’ individual knowledge and experience of working with families.

                                                        Here are some of the strands we include in our training initiatives:

  • Songs – how, when and why to use old favourites and introduce new ones 
  • Research made relevant for practice –   how it relates to you practice and how you can use this
  • Musical elements –  the building blocks of music and how this relates to learning and development
  • Musical confidence – how to find your musical self and build self-confidence
  • Planning – how to creating nurturing musical spaces and how to plan group sessions
  • Communication – developing skills to support meaningful connection with families
  • The Family Music Approach – how to develop practice that is authentically family-centred using our key ingredients and channels