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At The Family Music Hub we create training initiatives to suit the needs of our participants – those that regularly work with and support families. Our training starts by exploring the skills, experience and knowledge practitioners bring to their practice. It then builds on this by developing their musical skills, introducing and exploring important learning from relevant research and guiding practitioners as they plan and deliver activities using a wide range of repertoire. 

In this way, The Family Music Hub will take participants on a journey to adopt a fresh new approach to family music making.

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Our Approah


The Family Music Hub’s five pillars underpin our organisation as well as our training initiatives:



We believe that everyone is musical and that all those delivering and receiving early childhood music sessions have valuable skills and experiences to share with each other.



We want to see the unique musicality of practitioners, parents, carers and young children nurtured in a supportive environment.

Build Collective Intelligence

Through sharing our knowledge and experience, we will create a community of practice and support that builds our ongoing collective intelligence about making music with families. 



We seek to connect early childhood music research with practice on the ground. We also understand how music connects people, families and communities, and want to support this to happen more.


Community Focused

We aren't interested in a one-size-fits-all approach. We wish to support practitioners to work within their own settings, as they know their families the best. 



Here are some of the strands we include in our training initiatives:

  • songs – how, when and why to use old favourites and introduce new ones 

  • research made relevant for practice –   how it relates to your practice and how you can use this

  • musical elements –  the building blocks of music and how this relates to learning and development

  • musical confidence – how to find your musical self and build self-confidence

  • planning – how to create nurturing musical spaces and how to plan group sessions

  • communication – developing skills to support meaningful connections with families

  • the family music hub approach – how to develop practice that is authentically family-centred

Through our training, you will:

Increase your confidence

Deepen your knowledge

Gain access to tools and resources

Please contact us to discuss your training needs! 

We can work with you to create a bespoke course to suit you and your team. 

The Family Music Hub has enabled us to upskill our knowledge around music delivery in the children's centres.It has highlighted what we already do well but also helped us reflect. We have helped parents recognise the importance of musical play and creating an enriched environment for musical exploration in their day-to-day home lives.

Family Workers, Spurgeons, Birmingham

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